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Here’s An Example For You To Review
Let’s look at an example here. For safety sake, let’s use some very low
numbers so that you can see how well this managed risk return works.
Let’s say that you invest $80,000 on a home worth $100,000. No big
deal right? The home rents for $1,250 per month, which is $15,000 per
year. You will have NO mortgage but there will be property taxes and
management which is around $3,000 in this case so take that off of the
top. You are clearing over $12,000 15% annually on the cash flow alone
and you will never need to fly to South Eastern, MI because
 EVERYTHING is handled by your trusted advisor! Notice that this only
works because you don’t have a mortgage or any major monthly
expenses here! They have accounted for vacancy rates as well as all customary
expenses that can pop up from time to time and they are willing to give
you that return IN WRITING! Of course the advisor is going to earn a
real estate sales commission when you buy the home, as well as the
management fee each month so they can put their own income on the
line to ensure that you are earning the type of returns you are planning
to receive. Larger returns in multi home packages possible upon request. 
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