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Fresh Start Homes Realty
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Why Real Estate Investment is important now?
In uncertain times like today, people will always need a roof over their head. The investors ability to provide housing opportunities also creates cash flow for themselves. I have witnessed many Real Estate Investors who survived the ups and downs over the last 4 decades by living off the cash flow from their rentals. They will tell you that this allowed their families the same quality of life no matter how bad the economy got.  Once you discover this secret for your self, then a new friendly financial future is instore for you and your family.  Our mission is to help investors, like yourself, get the resources needed to make income producing real estate an investment not a gamble.  Our resources on this site can be located on the index on the left side of this page. They include "Buy wholesale, Multi-family Properties and our Current Inventory" to help you acquire properties that create cash flow. Also, on the index is a link to our sister company "Investment Funding" that can help you unlock the capital needed for both acquisition, rehab and cash back refinance. The other link "Self Directed IRA "is a little known retirement planning tool for your long term Real Estate tax strategy.   

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