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My name is Rick Rosen and I’ve been a Real Estate Investment Advisor
for over 40 years in South Eastern, MI. I currently purchasing homes throughout Oakland, Macomb and Wayne Counties .  We are experienced with investors who would like to take advantage of the PERFECT REAL ESTATE STORM by buying discounted   inventory and renovating them to full value.  These single family homes are sought after by a huge pool of lender pre-approved home buyers. The demand so far in 2019 is so great that we experience MULTIPLE OFFERS and  bids EXCEEDING current market values by these owner occupied buyers. Now you can become part of this great opportunity.  We now offer an exciting program for "hands on" investors to buy these projects and create aggressive returnes. You can get on our email list by filling out the form below. 

If you are a hands on investor we would recomend checking out CURRENT WHOLESALE PROPERTIES LINK. We perpare a projection on each project along with photos and other usefull information. 

Would you like to share a cup of coffee and discuss your future investing plans with us? If you wold like to meet with us at our facility in Rochester Hills please fill out the form below and we will call to set up a good time.
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